Friday, April 26, 2013

Updates Will Come

So the last two days have been absolute insanity. SO BEESY! The whole first half of the day was just relaxing to maintain sanity, mostly watching a new swarm that I captured come and go from their nuc box on the patio. Followed by my third day at a new job, and now I need to drive up to Central Florida for this weekend's Nihon Ken forum (Japanese dogs) meetup. I have the first part of the update partially written, but I need to get on the road so that I can arrive before 2am (meetup is @ 8am). Once I get there I'll finish up and post before going to bed. LOTS of great photographs from cutting out a hive from a house, the swarm I collected on my own at 8:30pm, and of Winterfell + the new feral hive (Khaleesi/Dothraki, not sure on the exact name just yet) from today. These updates will be followed by a review of Bee Healthy Honey Farms who supplied my Italian-Carniolan hive, as well as South Florida Bee Supplies whom I picked up new Deeps for both hives plus other supplies. If you're in Florida and looking for a local state supplier of woodenware then you'll be interested in hearing about them.