Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today Was A Good Day

Today was a really, really good day. I was notified that my petition to have several core college courses' 3rd Attempt Fee waived was approved! Tuition is now $210 for 5 courses + lab at PBSC instead of $4k with 3rd Attempt being charged at Out Of State cost. I also got in touch with Brendan, of Palm Beach Beekeeper's Assoc., and it turns out there is a cut-out to do tomorrow early in the morning! Perfect! I don't work until 5pm so the timing couldn't be better. Except... I forgot I didn't have an extra top cover and bottom board to create a full hive body from my extra Deep. Gah!

Not to worry though. South Florida Bee Supplies just recently opened up in Miami. So in preparation for tomorrow's possible colony of feral bees I drove down and picked up a telescoping cover, screened bottom board, feeder, and queen clip. In addition, since it's an hour drive each way, I also picked up two Deep boxes. One for expansion of Winterfell (Italian-Carniolans), and the other for expansion of the feral hive. I probly could have waited, but at Winterfell's current rate of expansion they're going to be needing a second Deep very shortly (they drew out half a frame in 4 days!).

Expect a review tomorrow, or Friday, about South Florida Bee Supplies and their equipment! As well as the cut-out. That should be a fun write-up if I'm not swollen from angry bees. As usual, detailed photos will be included for the review, and the cut-out too (if things go "ok"). Tomorrow's bee removal is at 9am, So unfortunately I won't have enough time to do that tonight.

As for the bees, they are happily going about their business and chugging sugar syrup. I'd say a good 1/2 inch of syrup had been drained from the mason jar, so that's good to see. No leakage in sight, no sugar stains, and a much lower population of ants around the hive, with only a few scouting the plywood "table".

And with all that said, I'm going to chug a bottle of water and get some sleep. I'll need it to avoid death by angry bees tomorrow!