Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Logo x2!

   Not one, but TWO new looks! My good friend Angela (http://loveangelaan.blogspot.com) redesigned the logo (and Gentlebee) to look more warm, as well as to be more "print" friendly for shirts/cards/etc. Just look at the little buttercup he's drinking from! Also check out the banner at the top! So awesome! The wallpaper is going to need to be changed to match too. I'll have to do some wallpaper hunting tomorrow.

   Also, I was planning on revealing the artwork along with an update on the bees, but things have been crazy in real life! My remote-access IT job started (9am-7pm Fri-Mon), as well as working again as a veterinary assistant (7/8/9 - 7pm Tues-Thurs). Yes, that's a 7 day work week. Unfortunately that only leaves a few hours each night to take care of the seven projects that are in the works. So each night has pretty much been devoted to just one task, except for 30mins-1hour each night of teaching myself HTML. Hopefully the new website will be up soon and the blog can be transferred over to a real-deal url, that being Zeekeeper.com.

   All of this work is going to be worth it though, things are on track to purchase 20-40 acres of land in seven months. Depending on the parcel size, it'll either be entirely in cash or more than 75% down. There'll be plenty of space for setting up bee yards on the parcel corners, an area for training the future hawks and falcons, plenty of space for farming if my friend decides to co-op, space for setting up a wood/metal/glass community workshop, and a LOT of semi-wild land for training and raising Japanese hunting dogs. Most of the parcels I've viewed online are bordered by completely undeveloped, wild land too, which is excellent!

   As for the next blog update (with hive stand tutorial included, I promise!), it'll be posted as soon as I get pictures from today's hive inspections. My buddy, Davis, came along to see what it was all about. From the sounds of it, he'll be starting his own hive soon It's still to be decided whether he's going to pick up some Italian-Carniolans or if I'll split the Wildling hive and give him a nuc of my bees. The Wildlings are real close to swarming... I can feel it in my bones. So tomorrow morning they're getting a second stage. If they're still looking "swarmey" on Thursday then I'm going to split them, with two frames of eggs + one frame of honey into a nuc box, and see what happens.